Snow Removal Policy

With winter upon us, please remember that the City’s Snow removal policy is to plow the streets when there is an accumulation of 6″ of snow.  Please be sure to NOT shovel snow into the streets as you are clearing your driveways.

Gravel will be laid when snow and ice are present. The route that the sander and plow take atarts with the roads leading to Island City Elementary first, then work out from there.

Please note that the City owns 1 (one) pickup with the plow and sander attached.  The crew works very hard to get streets cleared in a timely manner throughout the winter months.  When there is a large amount of snow to be moved/removed, we hire this out.  This is when the large front-end loader tractors and dump trucks are in the City moving/removing the snow.

We ask for patience and understanding as we make our way through another winter here in the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley.