Water Project

The City of Island City is working with our contractors as we go into the next phase of the Water Project. This phase is to upgrade the water distribution system by adding new lines, valves and looping the system so that there are no more dead-end lines. This will help with water quality as well as water pressure and fire suppression in all areas of the City.
Currently, the contractors are working in the East side of town, E. 1st Street, E. 2nd Street, E. 3rd Street, E. 4th Street, E. 5th Street, A Street, S. Sterling, Valley Avenue, Grandview Avenue, parts of S. McAlister as well as Country Club Lane. These areas should expect intermittent water shut offs from October 19 – October 31. The Contractor is trying to make sure that they start the work during a time that will have the least amount of impact. The work will take place from 9 am – 5 pm. If you notice any discoloration of water, please DO NOT use any hot water, open a cold water tap, either inside or outside, until the water clears.
Please contact the office with any questions or concerns. 541.963.5017

Lost & Found

A child’s bike was found recently at the Island City Cemetery.  If you think it might be yours, please contact Island City Hall at 541-963-5017 to identify the bike.


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