Council Meetings

The City Council of Island City meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm, in the City Hall meeting room. The Council feels that knowledge is power, and would LOVE to have residents of Island City in attendance of these meetings to learn what is going on within the City. Please review the attached agenda, and plan on coming to the meetings.

November 2015 Agenda

Fall Hydrant Flushing

The City of Island City will be conducting the flushing of all City fire hydrants, starting Octber 5, 2015, and finishing October 23, 2015. This is necessary to ensure adequate water volume and pressure for fire supression, to ensure fire hydrants are functioning properly, to rid the City’s water distribution system of accumulations of sediment, and to detect any potential problems with the water system.
If you should detect any discoloration or sediment, let an outside faucet or cold-water bathtub faucet run until the discoloration clears. When clearing your lines, it is a good idea to remove the aerators from your facuets to prevent them from clogging and reducing water pressure.
PLEASE be sure to check for water discoloration prior to washing clothes!!!
If you have any questions, please contact the City Office at 541.963.5017

Surplus Equipment Sealed Bid Auction

The City of Island City is conducting a sealed-bid auction of surplus equipment. Public viewing of the equipment is scheduled for Saturday, August 15, 2015 9am-12pm (noon) at 10202 S. E Street, Island City, or by appointment by calling City Hall 541.963.5017. Sealed bids are accepted at City Hall, located at 10605 Island Avenue, Island City until Sept. 4, 2015 at 1pm. Bid opening and awarding will occur at City Hall on Sept 8, 2015 at 9am. Please click the link below for pictures of all of the equipment.
Equipment for sale is:
John Deere 6’ Plow w/hydraulics (minimum bid $100)
Dixon ZTR 36” cutting deck 13.5 HP Intek OHV Motor (minimum bid $200)
Johnston G05 Street Sweeper – does not run (minimum bid $1000)
1984 Chevy C70 Diesel 5yd Dump Truck w/ Root Scraper Plow / CAT motor / Split Axle (minimum bid $3500)
2006 DR Field and Brush Mower 15 HP Kawasaki (minimum bid $400)
Troy-Bilt Trimmer/Mower 5 HP Briggs Motor (minimum bid $200.00)
Leaf sweeper (minimum bid $200)
1982 F250 Ford Pick up w/Utility Bed 4 speed / gas engine / 2wd (minimum bid $700)

Click here to see pictures:  surplus equipment1

Island City to help with Firefighting efforts

The City of Island City has offered the water from well number 1, located on C street, to the firefighting efforts of the Phillips Creek fire. There will be trucks entering the well to fill their tanks. The City would like to remain as helpful as possible to all of the cities in our region. PLEASE NOTE that the water from this well is not water that services the residents of Island City. This well is non-potable water, as it has higher levels of nitrates in the water. Anyone with questions should contact the City Offices at 541.963.5017

Lost & Found

A child’s bike was found recently at the Island City Cemetery.  If you think it might be yours, please contact Island City Hall at 541-963-5017 to identify the bike.


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